Monday, May 12, 2008

catt tag aku la plak..huhu

Currently - menghabiskan kurikulum memandu kt driving school
Playing - my likes! playlist
Pending - interior deco 4 my mom's room..malas gle nk wat..
What's new? - knowing that ACNI 3 on 4/7/08..pyan is one of VO 4 cartoon..n, haa..najran got 3.6666..dean list tew..hehe
Real name - Dalila binti Nizam
Nickname - dilla, dil, adi, along..izwan call me 'ayong'
Married - still solo..=P
Male/Female - Female
High school - SMT seberang perai, penang.
College - UTeM
Are you a health freak? - nope.
Do you have a crush on someone? - x penah kot..
Do you like yourself? - of course i do!

Surgery - tak penah..kena jait ada la..di dagu n kepala..huhu
Person you see in the morning - my beloved mom! awake me to solat subuh..huah3
Award - no.1 in standard 6, yearly academic award in form 2 n PMR, best student 4 B.Melayu for SPM..tettt!
Sports you join in - badminton n street soccer..always playing wif da cute baby.
Vacation - latest, cameron highland!
Concert - kalo konsert nasyid kire x? plg last jd concert ke?

Your future:
Want kids - musti lo..
Want to get married - yes, waiting 4 the right time..hak3
Careers in mind - engineer

Which is better?
Lips or Eyes? - eyes
Hugs or Kisses? - hugs
Shorter or Taller? - taller
Romantic or Spontaneous? - spontaneous
Sensitive or Loud? - loud
Troublemaker or Hesitant? - ntah! mane2 pn bleh..

Have you ever,
Kissed a stranger? - hah? never ever!
Drank bubbles - seingatnye..tidak.
Ran away from home - xde sbb nk wat gitu.
Liked someone younger - yup! da jambu boy named 'shahir zawawi'..haha
Broke someone's heart - rasa cm ada, tp tatau la kalo org tu x terasa..
Been arrested - nope. even sgt nakal d zaman sekolah dlu..
Cried when someone died - yes.

Do you believe in,
Yourself - yes.
Miracles - yes.
Magic - no, except yg gune trick yg d fikir munasarawak.
Angels - angles? group mane nih? malaikat caye le..

Is there someone you want to be with right now? - xde kot..juz spending time 4 my very own self..ahaks!

I want to tag this to:

miss.nattrah..yg br dpt new project..hehe

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