Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurmmm...big girl dont cry..huhu

aittt!!!..last nite till now..i'm always thinking 'bout my target rite now. b4 this i feel it really easy if we know the way to achieve our target..but, this time it was really hard to make our dream come true. even i have give the best commitment to get into.. line out the realistic step, gathered all information involves. still dont have any progress. was really hard even it sound simple. sampai satu tahap rasa cm putus asa sgt2 dah.. but i know my self really. never stop till get hit on da maen game gak. arggghhh..tension2..sakit pale da ni. sabaqqqq je la..huhu. from now, i have to kuatkan semangat and tingkatkan usaha..fighto!!!

last nite msg'n wif my former skul mmbr, she said that.."aku tau sgt ko 2. lg x capai apa yg ko nk, ko xkan berenti usaha." ye lah tu..pepatah melayu kata 'usaha tangga kejayaan'..hehe. thank ya my frenz. walopun da lama x story n temu muka, still ingat n kenal sape aku..=B

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