Sunday, July 05, 2009

my life rite now..


i'm juz finish phone conversation..chit chatting wif kak uya..really miss u sis..muah3x..hehehehe. bila nak dtg melaka? the answer is during convocation-lah..hehehe. i not have enough time to 'jalan-jalan' right now..hohoho. a lot of project and activity to do. a lot of skill that have to enhance and of course, it take a lot of spirit to do so because everything here is fast-learning process. thank that i already have experience on management working in MPP..ehehehe. it look like an advantage for me..=B

hurm..i already live in harvard suasana hotel for doing GEMS programme. the hotel quite old and in remote area for i'm the 'orang bandar' right? ehehehe. i've learnt about achieving personal excellent in last week and this week and coming up week gonna have a business english..haa, at the end of this english class we gonna have 'talent day'..hohohoho. really enjoying life here..

hem..thats all for this while i think. got to go..there are opening ceremony for rejab fest this evening! bye..


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