Saturday, July 11, 2009

penat dan sakit belakang..

salam..this is story of yesterday..Friday! as i'm staying in kedah right now, the weekend days are friday and saturday..but, yesterday, all gems participant are not allowed to go home. we gonna have a sport n recreation club and photography n multimedia club launching. we had 'senamrobik' at the beginning of the morning, then poco-poco dancing which all of us get lost..hohoho. seriously, we cannot follow the step..huhuhu. then, the opening game..trainer vs ceo/coo in volley ball..the winner is come? ehehe..after that, we had soccer ball match..we lost! we also had volley ball match..we lost again! haaduhhh!!! nway, i really enjoy..i already can play volley ball! hehehe..before lunch, my team mate n i had played 'saidina' was so funny..after lunch, take a short break, then...jump into swimming pool! hehehehe..

and now..i'm so exhausted..back pain already..huhuhu. tomorrow gonna outing to sg petani new town..not too new-lah..but new..ehehehe. (that place was not there yet when i was studied here..)

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