Monday, August 31, 2009

GEMS weekend packed 1

members of aurora lestari consulting

ya salam..i so bz this couple of week. gems has come to the end..huhuhu. ok, i'll start my story with our really 'shacking' moment last called 'final audit' for our company. ah, b4 u guys ask, my company name is Aurora Lestari Consulting..nice name rite? ehehehe.. we start to put all-the-thing nicely in our company by wednesday nite..we do all the things till 12 am. the next day, we go for shopping..we juz arrived at harvard at 11.00 pm..zaini, our CEO already call Ady..asking for us..huhuhu. sorry ya boss. then, we continue the work-to-do for tomorrow final audit presentation..and i juz slept at 6.15 am..hohoho. the audit start at 9.10 am, and i juz reach the office at 9.00 am..horror! so, the comment from auditor, overall ok. so, we juz enjoy our day on that day..we are the very first company to be audit actually..hohoho. we used to shopping..erm..window shopping actually..till evening. then, go to our respective room to refresh our self and get ready to break fasting with orphanage from yan..if i not mistaken-lah.. i really enjoy the nasyid performance from them! best giller...hehehe

the next day will be really 'our day'. it called 'GEMS Corporate Dinner'. actually, there are 2 companies in charge this program. the dinner held in star city hotel, alor setar. 3 star hotel i think..all things are ok..but..when the dinner start, totally turned. the food their served to us was so disappointed. mmg tak puas hati..sian kat team yang uruskan bahagian food. hurm..overall dinner, mantop! the very best is..our company anounced as 'best company of GEMS HSH 02..bravo2x..hehehe.

me..with the trophy of best company

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