Monday, January 11, 2010

8 bln mencari cinta?

hehehehe..i'm so excited to write bout this story..i'm still smiling at this moment..i want to laugh, but entire ofis r, smiling with big grin..hehehehe. ok, the story stat yesterday. i dont really mind what make it stat..but the conclusion is 'date'. that all..kak aza (near to the real name) talk about marriage. she said that she want to get married when reaching to her birthday..she target on 20/10/2010. both of us (me and roha)..what? and we just continue with...and now u not have a boyfriend. how to get married? it allah destiny..ok2..but, the effort come first rite?..hahaha. then, roha give an idea..why not kak aza find the love within this 8 month? add..and i will build another blog to story about "Aza:8 bulan mencari cinta"..can it be? hahahaha..we laugh, roha, we deal ya! on first february, there got the post title of the blog "aza:8 bln mencari cinta - day 1"..hahahaha. aza, as normal as her..dilaaaaa..(she yell). kui3..just like to have a heavy kidding like that in the most boring evening.

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nerd.weird.blur said...

hahaha.. nice 1! 8 bulan mencari cinta ar? mine... almost 3 years still single.. sometime.. its too bored! but.. enjoy :) hehehe.. but.. I still never stop to give up any hope.. maybe 1 day :)