Friday, January 15, 2010

a day without mood

salam alaikum..may this rahmah friday give us a full strength and courage to go tru our journey in life. today, a bit tired with the people around..not satisfy with them, may b they not satisfy with me. it also may b not matured enough to make decision..i dont really mind all of the problem..its how life goes on.. it coloring our life, it coloring our day. ya? is it ok if we never have to think others? I can't! totally can't. what ever decision that i have to do..a lot to think how other was..even the big offer comes, b4 i make any decision, think other feel to..if the thing is good, other never let u down..i grab that phrase, make up in my mind. what ever we do, we have to consider..for 'kemaslihatan' together..

-i'm praying for my 'nota cinta' by saujana..cant excited!!!

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