Sunday, December 18, 2011

A great achiever wanna be..

Tsukaremashita..tired of thinking what i've done in this one and half year. And it just end with NOTHING.


Capiyaaaa said...

Sabar je. Mungkin Allah nak berikan yang terbaik untuk kita, cuma lambat atau cepat je Allah nak tunjuk kan..btw, nice blog! Bila2 visit lah mine too..Blogwalking here :)

Hayu beautiful handicraft said...

don't be sad... cheers up.... :-)
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Fadhila Ismail said...

jemput singgah n follow.....:)


do not give has too many things to offer and all you have to do is open up and accept it....sabar lah,mungkin semua ni dugaan..insyaAllah,setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya....


and life indeed is a journey...embrace it and make it flourish...someday you will find it blossom with full of colors of joy.... :)

Muhammad Rizky Ferianda said...

hai teman, follow blog aku ya

makasi :D

Unknown said...

Er, what does it mean actually?

Admin said...

Hello nice blog ;)

ani craft said...

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thank you :)

Unknown said...

Penyelamat Dunia said...

Kita sebagai jiran tetangga digalakkan untuk saling ziarah menziarahi.. huhu..
Jom masuk blog saya. Ada post terbaru bertajuk Gambar Perang Betul Askar Amerika Dalam Ops Al-Fajr

suzie rahman said...

singgah sini yer. :) tebalkn sifat kesabaran dlm diri..

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Zk Channel said...

bersabar dengan dugaan.
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Anis said...

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Unknown said...

follback :)

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