Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is my comeback note I think! 1st post for 2012 and it already July. hahahaha.. Just get aspired by others who write the most of the time. Yossha..let me update my current status.

1) I still in CEM. Setelah lebih 2 tahun di sini, akhirnya diri boleh menerima segala takdir dr Yg Maha Esa. Insyaallah, with Allah guide..semua jadi mudah.

-Sy sudah jd lead photographer utk company event. 
-I am also appointed as Internal Auditor for Integrated Management System Audit in the company.

2) 日本語がべんきょします。(Learning Japaneses Language). nihon go improved all the way. Plus, i'm currently learning on kanji (Chinese character).

3) Hati dan jiwa sy semakin tenang..i like who am i now!

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