Sunday, July 22, 2012


* I'm listening to Arashi 嵐 and Kanjani8 間ジャニ8.
* Waiting new English sub for Jdrama named PAPADOL (パパドル)
* Aspired by super positive life and culture of Japan.
* The word that keep in repeating in my mind: 

“Can everyone put your hands in front of you? Now open and close your fists. See, you can do it easily. Now put your hand over your heart. Try to think about stopping it… It’s not so simple. Your mind can’t control it. Your heart won’t just stop. In happy times, in sad times, in hard times, it will always keep beating. So I hope everyone will do their best not to give up during difficult times in their lives, as well.”—Ninomiya Kazunari

I like Japanese Idol because they keep on aspiring others to do the very best in their life. Daisuki!!!

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