Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 2013..month of busy.

Assalamualaikum..I just think that all over the world noticed that Malaysia just end the General Election on last week. It a busy day and week! and for me, this month will be a damn busy month.

1-May : Happy Labour Day!
3-May : 3rd anniversary being Canon group member.
5-May : PRU13. You know what?  I am 1st time voters.
6-May : Cuti am negeri..thanks to Penang state gov.
10-May : Ust. Kazim Elias was here..
11-May : 1 Rejab. Shahir's (TA) wedding day.
13-May : Noah san's wedding day.
15-May : Mass Production, MP start for new camera model.
20-May : My idol will be in Penang! See u soon...=B
24-May : Will visit catt. Sorry dear..cannot go to the wedd.
25-May : Back to home town..mummy's family gathering.
28-May : It's Pay Day! I need to state here??
31-May : Factory stock counting day. Will go imigresen for passport.

Hurm..YB dun pulau jerejak, Hj Rashid bin hasnon merupakan site manager sy ketika di GEMS HSH 02. Tahniah Hj Rashid..kalau nak tau semangat juang dia ni tinggi dan tak suka buang masa. Cayalah tuan Hj! Cume ada beberapa perkara berbangkit selepas keputusan diumumkan..macam cerita..kita dengar je le..jgn tolong sampaikan pulak sebab tatau betul ke tidak. tapi penat jugak la tengok citer yg negatip je..pening la..hadoiii. Dah..dah..jom p buat keje.

Haa..I need to be strong this month since my sempai will not be around for a period. Keep da momento..hehe. To my boss and senior boss, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Next month will flight to Seoul..but still blur on what-to-buy n how many money need..can someone help me?? For me, just travel and experience..

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