Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is he a new idol??

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera. December tiba di penghujungnya. Lebih kurang sebulan ini, saya dan seorang rakan, Eve Earl kenalan di CEM suatu ketika dahulu, menggilai seorang artis dari Jepun. Semuanya bermula dengan watak mantap dan bersahaja sebagai Kapten Kunikida Konosuke dalam drama Miss Pilot. Eve bertambah 'excited' apabila mendapati saya benar-benar meminati jejaki ini. He is amazing. Apa yang anda akan baca di bawah ini adalah terjemahan ringkas Eve untuk panduan saya. Saya kongsikan untuk anda. Ingat. yang baik jadikan tauladan, yang buruk buatlah sempadan. 

Eve Earl shared a link.
his voice in this would perfectly be my lullaby!
so calm. no matter what kind of things he talked about, he stayed in that voice tone.

loves to travel alone - been to Mexico at 16 and has experienced being kidnapped by a gang of mafia?? (not sure about what kinda gang, but he really was kidnapped)
went to boys high school. transporting by bicycle instead of train.
ever did part time during his financial hard time.
he wouldn't mind to get tiniest character in a drama/movie as long as he can/want to do it - very close trait to me, i guess.
he used to watch so many movies during his childhood since his father's studio is next to video shop.

he mentioned that he wouldn't mind the little things on set or if he'd done mistakes or did something that'd embarrassed him. reason? he went through so many hardships (including that kidnap incident) while younger, so it's like you have to go through everything, anyway - well said, Takumi.
and he likes being low-profile. he preferred if you don't even ask "you're Saitou Takumi(the actor) right?" - how humble.

yeah, that's part of the full clip.
dou? have these little things about Takumi has made you love this guy more? haha. he's really something. but the humble & being not to put too much tension/stress in his life are two major parts about him I liked the most.

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