Sunday, December 22, 2013

What is needed to fly?

I am the one who really love the aviation industry. In school time, I wish to be Flight Maintenance Engineer. I have been offer to join aircraft maintenance cadet when I was 20. But for all's sake, I gave it up. Then, take a good engineering course. Mechanical Engineering - major in thermal fluid. Those time I really enjoy study since I learn a lot of major principal use to build an aircraft. I experienced build a Patrol Vessel (Kind of war ship used by Royal Malaysia Navy). But now, I am an engineer who build relationship with entire factory of camera and I still learning on it. =)

Like what Kunikida kyoukan ask Haru in Miss Pilot last time, What is needed to fly? Not wing nor engine. After a while Haru just found out, RUNAWAY. 

It same goes to our life. No matter what, do not be impatient. Act as what you are in your age. Do not be impatient to become eldest as you need a lot of stuff such as a big car, a big house and so on. Life is about to learn so that you can go through the RUN AWAY in damn good condition before you TAKE-OFF. Also in RUN AWAY, you will have to taxi, wind condition check and waiting for 'approved for take-off' by control tower. You can only TAKE-OFF after all check approved. 

Well, after all, I choose to become the person in side the aircraft and believed the pilot to take care of me. Youroshiku onegaishimasu.

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