Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Major of December


Desember bakal melabuhkan tirai lebih kurang 15 hari lagi. Terasa panjang, kerana sesetengah kerja sudah menjadi separuh. Biasanya produk seperti kamera memang ada permintaan tinggi di hujung tahun, namun pengeluarannya sudah pun siap sekitar Oktober-November yang lalu. Lebih panjang apabila rata-rata orang mula berbicara tentang 'BONUS' dan 'RANKING'. Kata bos (not actually my boss, since mine direct reported to Manager and AGM and GM's) sejak tahun lepas, final decision on staff ranking is up to GM's hand (GM's = Japanese staff). 

I don't care about that, since I works under Allah's guidance and ALLAH is my CEO after all. But, things change totally after I decided to do so. Within 4 year experiences in 'private sector' and multinational company, I often received a good ranking and bonus point. When we get the payment, normal people will direct calculate their bonus point. 1 month? 1.5 month? or 2.0 month?? Its normal. In my case, NO. Just appreciate the bonus given. It just a bonus, nothing to fight back. And it not about our self right or what. However, beberapa hari yang lalu, kami berbincang di meja bulat (Meja bulat bukan meeting ye..memang bentuk meja ni bulat). Bercerita tentang bonus yg diterima saban tahun. Oh, saya ingat saya punya sikit. Rupa-rupanya banyak.

A lot of people who work with private sector but minded as government. Sorry my dear government, doesn't mean to talk badly about. They meet me, then speak-out-loud about 'why only her being A rank for every years?' Oooppss..they not mean me. By the way, I am not an A rank staff. They mean the Chinese lady that supervised by Chinese lady too, but I do enjoy working with her. For me, she deserved it! They also say, if your boss are 'not malay' you will not be an A rank staff. Normal to be C or D. Ehem! I am a malay girl (lady is too much!) working under supervision of Chinese man. What I got every year actually same as that Chinese lady (Or maybe near to her I guest). - Kinda Malay Dilemma right?   

Now, I want to answer the question that has been ask before, Why only her being A rank for every year? Being an A rank staff is not about seniority or 'sistem bergilir' in private sector. It about 'own will' and kind of personality. If one person shall always being positive minded, want to improve their self and understand the meaning of skillful, multitasking and competence, they normally will rank as A. Again, if we only think to only do our very own job, helpless to do something and just follow the society bureaucracy that always says 'who should do this, who should do that' and wait until the AM (assistance manager) to say something, shall they been an A rank? Kindly give me an honest answer.

Therefore, A ranked staff will be remain A ranked if B ranked or other do not wake up and improve their self. It only can be change by improve yourself first. Then, the rank and bonus point will follow you. For Muslim, of course, make Allah be no. 1 in every single things. Put Him as your CEO will give you strength and willingness (yes, ikhlas and ihsan included) to do your job and the ummah shall receive goodness from your effort.

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